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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mobb Deep

I just want to applaud Prodigy from Mobb Deep's honesty regarding his feelings on the issue of religion. Here are his lyrics:

Now homie if I go to hell and you make it to the pearly gates

Tell the boss man we got beef

And tell his only son Im’a see him when I see him

And when I see him, Im’a beat him like the movie

For leaving us out to dry in straight poverty

For not showing me no signs they watching over me

Look, we the new breed in 2006

We don’t give a fuck about that religious bullshit

Nigga show me where the cash at

And nice whips with the 3 car garage to fit them shits

Man my life is painful, pray to angels

Or praying to myself hoping I don’t have to spank you

My bullets will shank you

And when my gun start cutting, ain’t nobody gonna save you

In the bible times, they ain’t have to deal with the shit

We dealing with, this survival times”

Sunday, October 02, 2005

How We Know

It's important to know that I know what I
Know and know it's for a reason
I wouldn't want to go through life thinking I'm right
And after the fight, when I say goodnight
It turns out I am wrong, waited so long
And so my legacy is none
Worse yet, it could be negative. How could this
Be? I did all that was asked of me.
So some deep questions are pertinent
Have to make sure I'm being congruent
In all the right places, under surfaces
Some people have AIDS and still have pretty faces
Athletes have bad hearts, pretty frogs poison darts
So I follow arguments where they lead me from start
Check my assumptions, use my gumption
And test everything to just to iterate the function

If you believe something strongly enough to act
You should probably go ahead and check the facts
To believe because others believe is plain wrong
Although it might make it easier to get along
There's safety in numbers, but no safety in dumb shit
And who says he's right just 'cause he's preaching from a pulpit?
I often hear people say they feel the truth
Well, how would you feel if I did that to you?
If I told you your spouse died, you'd be quite pissed
If I then revealed that I knew from a feeling
I got while I was by myself talking to spirits
With not one shred of real evidence witnessed
Yet we give people a pass when they make up facts
And acts that eventually set medicine back
If I can't provide evidence that's the way it is
You should take what I say as a pinch of bullshit

I don't care if you're really feeling it
I gave you some leeway, now the reigns I'm reeling in
You need to check the shit that you're still believing in
'Cause you make this world even harder for living in
I hate to burst your bubble but we are not children
The shit that you're told? Well, you need to filter it
Intelligent design will make our kids illiterate
Religion offers nothing. It's bound to obliterate
I call it like I see it. That shit is ignorant.
Pull yourselves together. Stop taking gibberish.
Don't force your comfort level on innocents
Haven't started a career and you've already finished it
How can you live your lives by the New Testament?
That's shit's out of date by at least a millennium
We're in the 21st, not even the twentieth
You're fucking us all up with your good intentions

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

God or Not: Original Sin

Original sin is the topic for those who tuned in
By this point in the debate I'm already tuned out
First, lets' define what the topic's about
Basically, God's wants us to follow his route
He gives us free will and wants us to use it
Then loses it when we do, so it's useless
The only way to redeem ourselves is through blood
But what's good is Jesus already spilled it for us
So in the Garden of Eden, God made Adam and his leaf
And made him a madam called Eve so he could use what's underneath
He created ultra-sophisticated machinery called people
And fucked it all up when he created evil
The tree of knowledge bore forbidden fruit
And Eve was seduced by its tasty juice
The talking snake betrayed God's secrets
And was forever made to slither on it's belly beneath us
As opposed to flying, to which it was accustomed
He was pissed, but it seems he had free will, not just us
Anyway, God knows all. No dice involved.
So he made us this way and we didn't evolve.
As anyone will tell you, we react to stimuli
And God knows how we will react and why
Since the Garden of Eden was made entirely by God
Surely the way we reacted was entirely his fault?
Well, if you believe that we behave as we do because of our brains
Then you must believe this argument the way I just said
But if you believe in dualism and souls, I suppose
That the argument doesn't so naturally flow
If we really are completely free to make choices
Then our actions are guided by our own voices
But who made those voices? Was it God or man
Please decide now and try to be consistent
Because if you say God, then you can see my point earlier
But if you say man then I'm about to take some rights from ya
Next time you or another do a good deed, reflect
On the two options I gave you in this argument
If you credit God for only the good and never the bad or vice versa
You are making a very severe observational error
Now I know some of you will not care whether I'm right
In the end, you say, you feel in your heart there's a light
And it's God and you know it from your core and that's what matters
But I'm afraid this must be where our discourse shatters like a stone tablet
Because your faith precludes rational examination
And you keep yourself cocooned because it makes you feel safer
If I may, though, it seems to me to be selfish
To believe something just because it improves your subjective
Experience. When it doesn't help technology, society or medicine
So to me, you could say faith is the original sin.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

He Doesn't Care

There's a star in the West. I'm so proud of Kanye
What we were all thinking is what he had the balls to say
Too long we've been ignoring the evidence
Believing what makes us feel good as if the facts are irrelevant
If it looks like he doesn't care, it feels like he doesn't notice
He doesn't show us that he cares, relying on him is hopeless
How many people have been on the brink of death or crossed-over?
How many lucky ones are now left to be homeless?
Cut-skin in sewage-filled waters, shit and corpses, nothing ate
Robbing and rape, water blocking escape
Is it the poor that he hates, blacks or Southerners?
Or is it that he doesn't give a fuck about none of us?
Why was nothing done to prevent this disaster?
Why was he so slow to help people after?
Why did the media and hip-hop have to kick-start the effort?
The fact that people don't ask these questions leaves me breathless

Fuck George Bush and fuck all the preachers
God does not care about black people
Won't take blame, and His fans help Him weasel
But God clearly doesn't care about people

He saw it coming. Try and claim he didn't.
He let it come although he saw the flooding
He saw what would come, for it was written clearly
He did nothing and now people have lost family they loved dearly
Maybe it was a part of his plan like Noah's flood
Maybe the people of N.O. are N.O. good
Do they pollute humanity and this is his cleansing?
Will he pass the buck and only claim he did the good things?
Liberating his chosen people. Not all men are equal
In his eyes we're all disposable.
Why does he care more about the life of a foetus
Than the poor adult people praying to Jesus
For someone to help? What kind of a man, this?
Then twist his story: expert propagandist
And he is supposed to be the one to watch over us
I saw more effort to help come from Hov and Puff

Fuck George Bush and fuck all the preachers
God does not care about black people
Won't take blame, and His fans help Him weasel
But God clearly doesn't care about people

Fuck your prayers. Fuck pushing your agenda on us.
You can practice your magic. We don't give a fuck
But leave us to our own devices if you can't help us
Looks like this hurricane shit is burning bush
About time we realised and opened our eyes
What we think is to the good is mostly lies
Kanye is a bright spark with guts to go around
But he's the first to admit his contradictions abound
His comments on the president were needed and due
But Bush is just asking "What Would Jesus Do?"
Well we have our answer, don't we?
What Would Jesus Do? Absolutely nothing
What did science do? Predicted the demise of the barriers
What did Bush do? Killed many more warriors
Swept science and sense under the rug where he liked them
Understand why I'm being impolite then?

Monday, August 29, 2005


I heard Hurricane Katrina was the fist of Our Father
Punishing America for the pullout of Gaza
Well, she formed at the same time. How else could two events coincide?
Without the intervention of the most divine?
But I couldn't figure out without help
Why He released the 40 Year Old Virgin with Steve Carell
And make it a blockbuster
I guess I have work to do- my faith is lackluster
I liked the movie, but found the premise ridiculous
Like a woman giving birth and she ain't never had dick in her
Still, a nice story, well told, a light escape
Noone's telling you it's real when it's clearly fake
Not forcing you to accept or you die by stake
Noone's killing Roger Ebert 'cause it didn't make
Four stars, but give us two millennia more
And it might ooze evil out it's pores

And if it was God behind the steering wheel
How can you argue that he's not evil?
Killing thousands of people for what others did
In the Gaza strip or with another man's dick
If God is good, please define it
This wishy-washy shit, I'm not subscribing
God has a plan? What is it? How do you know?
Because your parents told you so? From a book two millennia old?
Because you find security in your fantasy?
Let it go and a man you'll be
Or woman, but hold on and remain a child
Scared to look at the world through sane eyes
The truth is the truth. Sorry to burst bubbles
Life is hard and quite full of trouble
But pulling together we can make it all work
Which way do we pull? You'll know when you observe

People seem to need direction and will take any
Science is too technical for the many
But it does provide true answers that give purpose
Let me provide some in this last verse(s)
First, the faster humans progress technologically
The faster theoretically will arrive the singularity
Which means computing power will overtake humanity
And progress will speed up quite dramatically
To the point where all disease will be cured, dreams fulfilled
And disasters like Katrina will be curtailed
If you want a hell replacement, here it is:
If we don't progress we can't stop a comet-hit
The end of the world would truly come blazing
But not if we pull ourselves out of the dark ages
Now I know these are far-fetched on the face
But they motivate like religion, so why not have faith?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dumb Shit

I drop bombs and leave no Survivors
Kill the whole cast of American Idol
I could've changed the channel, I was drunk, wasn't thinking
And I did it all just to glamourize drinking
Bush talks to bushes and spirits in the sky
Dude is either fucking crazy or just high
And he's in the White House controlling the country
Making policies from Fairytale Monthly, comfy
While people die over dumb shit
Doesn't give a fuck. Talks that Forrest Gump shit
I'm a smart guy, but don't always apply it
Look back and sometimes I ask why. It's
About self-discipline most of the time
Allow myself too much freedom in my life
End up walking in circles, goals not achieved
Take time out, step back and breathe

People do dumb shit
Sometimes they make me sick
Sometimes I sit an wonder
How did they get three kids

Friday, August 26, 2005

Life on Earth

Life is hard. Nobody wants to help you out.
Who can you trust? You still have to feed your mouth.
Chase your dreams, but keep your feet on the street.
Sometimes you just have to believe.

Man, life is a bitch. Dude, you can't trust shit
Every friend I had done flipped up the script
You'd better believe it, n$%^& I done seen it
You don't trust me, then trust your heathens

I put my faith in my CNS, some faith in CNN
No faith in faith-based institutions
I keep my eyes wide open, propped with matchsticks
Shake hands with the people, watch out for drop-kicks

Life is a bitch if you keep on fucking up
Life looks good if you keep on looking up
You wanna live good then you've gotta keep your money up
The president don't give a fuck about the hood and all of us

Watch what I say, try to see both sides
There may be many times when I am not right
But if I'm open enough to be criticized
Then why can't they listen to I?

Man it sucks when you live with your mom
And she only grounds you when you did something wrong
But... when you did something right
You'll never get recognized

Play fair, but don't be a pushover
Walk soft, carry a big stick just like Hova
Go for yours, but try not to walk over people
If it comes to a fight, strike first and strike lethal

Karma: What goes around shall come around
What goes up must come down
Your real friends are real dangerous like

There comes a time to stand up
Brandish guns and man-up, even if it puts you in handcuffs
But if there's a smarter way, take it
If it's not you, don't worry about it, just fake it

Live life while you can
Don't let it grab you, grab the world in your hand
Look, you may not understand
But everyone makes their own plan

Mix up life. Stay focused, but have fun
There's a time to fight and a time to run
Yin and a yang, run with a gang, but god-damn
Don't always agree with your man

Wear life like a pair of shoes
Step on doo-doo? Don't kill yourself, just go and wipe it off, dude
Then you're gonna start all over
You're gonna feel so great when you take all that weight off your shoulder

Money is the root of all evil, au contrair
It's how you use it. Devils in the details there
Tell stories and anthropomorphize
But always remember why

This world is like a beat you keep making
It keeps on repeating itself and you can't even take it
You're gonna get tired of the same shit
Shooting and killing and girls getting raped-ed

Lose yourself in life, but leave out breadcrumbs
Killing time takes lives. Scream out redrum
Wonder why you wonder why, but git 'r dun
Before you die, 'cause you never get a second run

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Stuck in a cyclone and not gonna thank God
I'm inside, still bopping to my iPod
That's an inside joke only Nong, J-eez and I got
But anyway, there's a storm over Fort Laud.
I'm right by the sea, so I expect a flo-od
I'm not a blogger, just a rapper who can blo-og
Last year Frances hit my roof with an Avoc-
ado tree I had to hire a dude with a chainsaw
He told me that the storms predicted the return of Jesus
I nearly choked on my piece o' pizza!
Everything's a sign, isn't it? Gibberish
Common sense tells me that Jesus won't be visiting
Forget the nonsense your hear about end times
Cyclones are gigantic heat engines
Hot water evaporates and rises to the skieses
Then condenses in the cool air up there

The Earth spins around like a wheel
Picture a line through it like an axle
The axle runs from North to South
And the Earth moves faster the further out
So the Equator is moving faster than the poles
And the further you are from the poles, the faster you go
If we flattened the earth into a disc
The Poles would be in the middle of it
If I stood in the middle and threw a rock in a straight line
It would seem to move West from my line of sight
When really what's happening is I am turning
And the rock is staying on it's normal journey
The reason I turn is my feet are planted
But the rock can move on until it's landing
Let's unsquish the Earth again into a sphere
If you throw to the equator, things turn West of here

Throw to the poles, they turn East as well- at least as well
As soon as they're released as well
Solid Earth contact made, they can't stray
Air and water and flying things aren't the same
That includes the air currents in hurricanes
But wait, there's another principle to blame
If you throw West to East, the Earth rotates East
It will take slightly longer for the ball to reach
The ground. The Earth's core is in the centre
Of the circle we call the equator
So the ball is attrac-ted to it
And since it's heading East, it takes longer to get to it
And seems to curve South. Throw West, curves North
So winds change directions either side of the equator
This circular motion is what causes commotion
Every Summer when I should be sunning with lotion

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Say What You Say feat. J-eez and JR

I suck money up like a black hole
Consistent when I spit on a track, homes
Thinking is dead and I'm bringing it back, homes
When you're thinking you're thinking, it's crap- fact
Not to bring the party vibe on down
You rappers talk more shit than Sylvia Browne
And I'm the conjuror of rap like Biggie was a fat, black rhinoceros
Everything you think or say? Preposterous!
Hypocritus and I'm Hippocrates
Fix up ill rappers with ease- please
Don't tempt me to end thee with some logic
Your grey matter splattered on my socks like dog shit
People like me put man on the moon
People like you, I scrape off my shoe
Insecure? No, I introduce
The new crew with whom I'm rolling on through
Forgive the lack of interviews with great minds
This podcast will be focused and then not sometimes
But let's not stray from what I came to say, like Jay
Gould. Life is fucking beautiful
As I step back and appreciate it while annebriated
I gather my pack of rappers to interview famous
And noteworthy personalities
Translate the cutting edge- cut it up for the streets
With large quantities of beats. Then increase the doseege!
And JREF gets half the proceeds!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Life in Space

Are we alone? No one knows. Don't believe the TV shows.
With those who've been probed on UFOs.
There's no evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence
But those knowledgable know it might be possible
On our very own planet we see life manage
To fit in nicely in temperatures we can't imagine
From icy cold life forms like waterbears
With antifreeze to stop the cold from freezing water there
To microbes that feed from volcanic energy
It seems life can adapt to anything
Even the vacuum of space and it's
Possible life like this exists on other planets
They found bacteria in the Surveyor 3
That had been on the moon for three years... Crazy!
Amazing, and to think that we are related
To creatures living in space without a spaceship.

The chances of space life are pretty strong
If you ask me, though I could be wrong
Simple abiogenesis is a natural consequence
Of time spend mixing up salts and polymers
There are tons of ideas about the origin of Earth life
But who says life even has to be Earth-like
Who says it even has to be carbon-based
Perhaps some other element could work instead?
You see any crystal you can name is self-copying
Under certain conditions- a simple rocky thing
Grows and can split into daughters and sons
That grow and then split and then grow and so on
We're talking about reproduction, and after much time
And gradual changes, this can make life
Not as we know it at first, but there's a solution
For making higher life called evolution

Monday, August 08, 2005


Made the track myself, just starting off
Try to keep this blog free of parting shots
Keep your own party hot. This is real journalism
Notice the schism between me and the Top of the Pops
If it flops, so be it. Part of the paradox
That's so hard to resolve- intent and surrender
To the gods- well, there are none- the system? Whatever
Don't get me started else I'll rant on forever
Like the Raving Atheist, I'll dissect your story
To the gory details 'til you tell me I'm boring
Ignore me, but you're running away when you should face
The truth and recognize your real place in the world
Information is power. Blind faith is for cowards
And lunatics that bomb trains and fly into twin towers
Not to end on a sour note. Go 'head, float your boat
I'm just pointing out there's a hole in the boat, though

Friday, August 05, 2005


No ID. Get rid of ID.
No ID. Get rid of ID.
No ID. Get rid of ID.
No ID. Get rid of ID.
Rule number one. If it can't be tested it's done.
So you can forget about ID. Intelligent design is
Nothing of the sort it's Creationist garbage
They're getting into power and it isn't harmless
Even though it might sound retarded
The dudes with the biggest guns have us marked as targets
Theocracy's the goal that they have in mind
But they lie and wanna dump science on the side
Randi's my man so you know I'm backed up
A million dollar prize if your mind ain't cracked up
But anybody with sense can see that ain't the case
When I slap you with the money, see you change your face
You're clearly scared of backing up your case
And expect us to take up what you say just on faith
No way. No gay, but you have no say in my room
Or regarding what's inside the womb.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

44 4's

I was told the only way to improve is with practice
So I follow carefully in the footsteps of the masters
But remember what I started rapping 4
Not 4 4tune, not 4 fame, not 4 Guinness records
4 a way to help mankind 4ge ahead 4warned
By a man who's run the simulation b4
Certain topics are 4bidden in polite conversation
4 private discussion only, and not 4 the papers
Get accused of hatred, keep a lock on your jaw
Politicians mumble and fumble words like "4-4-4"
What 4? Are they afraid of the 4thcoming repercussions?
On all 4s 4 votes. 4 better or 4 worse, no conclusions 4 us
4 shame. People do anything 4 pay
People diss Janet Jacksons 4play on Superbowl day
And yet they won't call a spade a spade
It's insane, it was just 4 some fun at half-time of the game
Some people need a slap in the 4head, but 4ck it
Throw concerns to the wind- what you worrying 4, kid?
I'm not, I do whatever I can 4
My purpose: make the world smell the coffee and cam4
And never get bored. 4 adrenaline rushes I jump overboard
And soar. Haven't 4 4 weeks at least, but itch 4 more
Look for 4closures, and good deals on houses with 4courts
I won't pay more that three hundred thousand and 4
4give me if I sound greedy. For I never had much
Wait, I'm lying and I'm greedy as 4 fucks
So check out my 4 4 and give me money 4 lunch
I'm hungry. I want a quizno's and I'm short 4 bucks

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Everybody wanna be the next thing and copy Jigga
I'm not dissing them 'cause I'm one of them, so go figure
Copy the rhythm- not even close. Check back later
That's a pre-emptive strike against myself just for the haters
I try, freestyle, just bought myself an MBox
So expect to hear live versions in this erm, blog
It's a new concept I just invented
I was whistling whenever I heard podcasts mentioned

The Origin of Life

I shout too much, run my mouth to much
So it's time for me to stop talking and throw my punch
I said education is the key
So now it's time to rhyme educationally
Once the laws of the universe were established
Certain forces made the chances of no life vanish
Configurations of atoms became more stable than others
These included such simple things as crystal structures
Here's a simple experiment: Dissolve salt in a glass of water 'til
No more will go because it's totally filled
Then heat up the water and add a little more salt
When no more will dissolve is when the adding should halt
Now let the water cool and add a single grain more in there
As the water cools it solidifies, but where?
It builds onto the crystal of salt that was added
And this is a universal pattern that matters
This process is called seeding and you are feeding
The seedling of salt you are observing keenly
It grows and when it gets to a reasonable size
Break it up and watch both crystals in front of your eyes
Both will grow. Have you noticed what has occurred?
In a way, your salt crystal has given birth
This is self-replication and it happened in the sea
Billions and billions of years B.C. Let me explain clearly
What happened by going back to our experiment
What if we added a second replicant?
Now instead of a salt solution, we have a soup
This goop has many chemicals from which to choose
Two crystals are now able to form for simplicity
And they both eat the same materials competitively
Since we have limited supplies, a problem arises
And whichever crystal arises faster wins the top prizes
Whichever loses faces extinction at the hands of the winner's invasion
Or at least makes a smaller part of the population
The winner's prize is domination of the vessel
And the title of survivor for the fittest crystal
Now in the primordial sea, there was much more room
And many survivors probably had local booms
New materials were regularly introduced
And thereby better replicators were produced
The replicators became worldwide common features
And replicated better when in certain mixtures
Perhaps cooperating, helping to get themselves copied
Replicators probably operated in colonies
They could operate best in particular environments
Due to their chemical and physical requirements
Certain situations such as near high energy spots
Were more condusive to replicator xerox
Perhaps oil or certain salt concentrations
Were needed or aided the replication
At some point whatever replicators existed
Became enclosed in an oily liquid
This was a quantum leap once again
The production of the very first cell membrane
Within which the mindless copying could occur
Uninhibited, undisturbed by unwanted visitors
This wouldn't have mattered wherever it had formed
But allowed the new form to travel in swarms
Of mutually beneficial materials serving their purpose
In many varied places, the deep and the surface
Perhaps finding better feeding grounds
Even though their place of origin wasn't anywhere to be found
And the cell membrane allowed
Internal conditions to be maintained separate from those around
The dawn of the cell had come
But this was the step one only, trust me son
Modifications within the cell improved efficiency
From the environment they fed, but worked independently
Of conditions outside, it was the best of both worlds
A variety of new food sources unfurled
At a banquet, if everyone eats the same thing
There aren't going to be enough chicken wings
Fortunately, people like to eat differently
And things were no different in the early sea
As time passed and cells drifted to different places
They specialized into different races
And eventually became so different they became new species
Some were successful at what they did
Others weren't quite so and became extinct
All of them had one objective in mind only
"Do whatever it takes so as I can clone me"
Please understand that this is a metaphor
There was no consciousness then, of course
But bear in mind the meaning of the comparison
Whatever clones itself will become more common
Somewhere along the line, a cell split
And the newborn cell got stuck to it
It's important at this point to bear in mind
That this was a result of mechanisms inside
So whatever copies these cells made
Would probably also create their own cell-mate (ahem)
This produced the multi-celled organism
A product of inefficient cell division
Now, of course in any relationships its
One person who cooks the dinner and one who does the dishes
And over time, this two-celled entities abilities grew
As it shared it's tasks between the two
Specialization of each cell occurred
One would DJ and the other rhymed words
Imagine this with many cells instead of two
And you will see what this allowed life forms to do
Differentiated cells were organs in an early creature
Some probably formed skin, eye and stomach features
It doesn't matter, and there were probably many different methods
But this body plan is where our own body plans rested
Back to the story. Again, certain body forms were best suited
To certain behaviours and places while the others were booted
This was natural selection- bodies that made many copies were
The ones that became more popular
They produced offspring that were mostly similar to themselves
But some didn't belong on the same shelf
It's easy to imagine that most changes would be fuck-ups
But once in a while, the child was a better product
That eventually came to dominate the older models
Perhaps in different situations- many ways are possible
What if one offspring was top at one thing
And the other was better at another like seeing?
Wouldn't it be nice to take from each the best?
Yes, my friend you've just invented sex
This probably happened with very simple creatures
But you see how it helps to improve young creature's features
Let's skip the details for now, and before we end this shit
I feel we must talk about appendages
Imagine that an animal has a locomotive device
Nothing nice, perhaps a tube that moves from side to side
A simple leg or fin, whatever we choose
I hope this isn't too far to imagine for you
If it is, then we can revisit
But now let me get on with this shit
A mistake in copying like we mentioned earlier
Creates two copies from one or even millions
It's a simple mistake, just a misplaced decimal
But this mistake turned out to be seminal
By making many copies of a limb like this
Once again, each part then specialises
Hence, we get arms and legs in our case
Or crabs get pincers and mandibles at the sea base
A simple miscopying on the end of a limb
Could cause an extra link to the appendage then
Hence, fingers and forearms and similar products
Have a mechanism that's quite clear to us
Further competition between life forms over millions of years
It's clear are what led life to where is here
Gradual improvements with time due to mistakes in copying
Have made us into apes after being rocky and
At this point, I'd like to aside and describe
The origin of DNA that gets transcribed
You see, we discussed what causes evolution
What makes something more common? There is a solution
And the answer is three things: frequency of copying,
length of life of thing to be copied and accuracy
So naturally it makes sense that life would invest
In a way to make sure that the copied text
Isn't changed too much or it won't survive
Remember, the replicators only care about their own life
So the solution was a stable molecule that could
Be copied with an accuracy that was good
Be copied often and put together again
And last for a long time copying to the end
DNA was the solution and it's structure is beautiful
A helical structure, information is digital
We haven't come up with a better storage system yet
And DNA is one memory system in which we plan to invest
Back to the apes. I skipped a step, but it should be clear
Exactly how the apes got from there to here
If it's not, there are many books
Or maybe I'll later take a second look
But about the brain of apes and other animals. See
It's features make us curious and able to mechanically
Manipulate our world- it's technology
But best of all, we copy well the things we see
We copy so well without discrimination for the most part
And communicate ideas through language and art
Though this ability made us dominate the planet
The genes must now be saying "goddammit!"
Because they have created a monster- the meme
A new replicator on the planetary scene
The meme is a unit of imitation or culture
And it's function is it's own reproduction
That's why we get jingles stuck in our heads
And it's responsible for both improved lives and death
Fortunately there is a meme that's strong and growing
And definitely something that's worth knowing
A meme that can stop senseless disease and dying
The name of the meme? We call it science.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Am I a fanatic? More like Mr. Fantastic
Stretched my mind like elastic, saw my own life and grasped it
Overstretching causes hysteresis and this is my thesis
You should storm through your life, clobber it to pieces
Don't think too much or else things get tough
Meet your doom some day, so stay Johnny Blaze
It's important to learn about things that you can
How things work from Latveria to Pakistan
My uncle told me to carry a big stick
Walk like I'm invisible but be ready to swing it
Don't get lost in the clouds or bad things can happen
Think yourself up your own ass and get trapped in
Bend in the wind like a reed, don't be a dick
Be force in your own field when you finally pick it
Light the way for others like you carry a torch
The hard way can be grim until victory's yours

Da Bomb

Makes me uncertain when the curtains rise after hurting
Whether to cry or laugh when some guy casts spells out of his ass
Calls deities and calls us to live prayerfully. Is it just me or can't they see
That they are fighting fire with fire when they really need dry icing
The problem is your superstition- praying and wishing
Instead of making it your mission to end all this fiction
The power it holds on the globe, cloaked as hope
Makes me wish it had a throat I could choke with a rope
But alas, we have no material enemy. Evil is not targetable
Noone to bomb with hydrogen bombs even though we may long
For personification, there's no evil nation should be hated
I know Iranians who are educated, hold religion non-sacred
So matches won't fix the fire though they can satisfy
The cure is reality itself, the whole wealth of theories
Evangelism of Darwinism and materialism
Is the only wise system- pack the schools, not the prisons

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Gangstas, Bombings

Every once in a while I find time to sit down
Grab a microphone and rip that shit down
Never one to follow the current street sounds
Never did it so I don't say I'm gonna pull on the four-pound
Everybody wanna be rich like Jay-Z, right?
Rappers spit more shit than J.Z. Knight
And Ramtha. Adults who believe in Santa
I respect your beliefs the same way I respect cancer
Think what you want, but if you try to infect me
I'm gonna have to see about some chemotherapy
Take out buses and trains in London, New York buildings down
I say we catch you, strip you and spray out pork rounds
I'm not against the people who walk the streets
It's nothing personal, it's just your beliefs
I know if I believed what you believe I'd see the same solution
But it's time for you to learn about evolution

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I'm from a place where the young girls get pregnant as teens
'Cause they're bored- there's no malls and no cinema screens
Tranquil by day, just the old ladies out
But by night time you just might get punched in your mouth
Not by enemies or rival drug gangs, just illiterates
Full of venomous ideas, respected as combat veterans
Most lads shun ambition while secretly wishing
That their biggest achievement wasn't being drunk in Ruthin
It's accepted that round here you get fame being arrested
The only way out is do well on your testses
Get out while you can or you'll be an old man
What happened? I was 21 yesterday. Damn
From where they spend all their dough on flash cars but can't beat ours.
And if you're not Welsh they look at you like you're from Mars
So we don't interact when we're back- stay off the beaten track
Pile four of us in a blue Focus- two in the front, two in the back
Hit the pedal, feel the movement as blood runs to your head
And head down the road so fast the blue car looks red
From behind, and our mass becomes infinite
'Cause that's the only thing to do that can keep your interest
Then you cruise around the square blasting out tunes
And laugh at all the sad bastards wasted off booze
I'm from where they sit on park benches and smoke cigarettes
And wish they never woke up out of bed
I'm from where they bitch and breed
And when I hit 18 I couldn't wait to leave
Still there's something to be said for the simple life
That's the reason I'm writing this rhyme
Some never see what they're even missing out on
That's normal if you've never seen the next town
I'm from where people make plans and never see them through
Why carry out plans today when tomorrow will do?
The seasons change- high pollen counts and freezing rain
And no matter what the weather people still complain
I'm from where they act silly, lean against the wall, pissing
Just thought I'd remind you all, that I'm from Ruthin

Friday, June 17, 2005


A- ha-ha-ha-har. Check out the bizarre
Thinking style used by the majority
Of Jesus-freaks. Crystal-wearers
People who are scared of
Global warming and are quick
To pick delusions: sick
Mental age of a child under six
Check it... Check it

My Calico's been cocked
I'm about to make this shit stop
Enter me
Idiots need to enter this century
Stop living like a caveman: believing in ghosts
Didn't you read the date on the Daily Post? Give up your hopes
And your daydreams, your taking us backwards
I'm trying to progress with these facts, shit
You're living fantasies, mister. I reject your deposit
Put your thinking cap on, get your brain out the closet
Dust it off, free it up, quit your shit
Quite the tongues-speaking and get a life, bitch
Yes, I bit shit and I bite the bullet
You've got two things out of date. That's your bible and mullet
How is it you people get a vote
When you think one man managed to fit every species on a boat?
You tell gay people how to live their lives
The bible's full of people having many wives
Your god is sure dumb if he isn't fake
What a mistake he made with the talking snake
Whose lineage now are all forced to slither
What were snakes in Eden? Sneaky flying lizards?
You believe what you do 'cause someone else told you to
It's nonsense- please let me explain it to you
When you were a little baby with no reasoning
It paid for you to learn quickly from those with more seasoning
You learned language and culture- tips and cheats for the game
But some bugs got in to your sponge-like brain
And in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't much hurt you
Except to smart people you just look like a damned fool
And in a hundred years they'll look back and laugh at you
Like I laugh at my dad wearing a disco suit
And we laugh at stupid people who said the Earth was flat
You're the modern equivalent, so how do you like that?
You're trying to get your make-believe taught in science class
And in the process you'll set modern thought back
Popularity is not an adequate measure of quality
It's 90% sheep in your mob, you see
Made your conclusion and fitted results to prove it
Debating you only makes me look more stupid
Even though this is an argument I have no way of losing
It gives the impression that both sides are worth choosing
As though there's a serious ongoing controversy
Your words would make more sense after lobotomy